unicornbubbles (unicornbubbles) wrote in dear_you,

Dear brandon

Dear brandon,
You fucked me up more then I could ever admit to myself. I sat there and told you before WE begang that my heart has been hurt too many times and if your end game was just to leave, then stay away to begin with. You assured me time after time that I was what you wanted.
So I gave everything up for you, I gave up my job my family my friends and I move 9 hours away from everyone and everything I knew..You awoke a live within me I didn't know I could feel, when I was sick you ran me a bubble bath and made sure I was tooken care of, when I went to the hospital I told you all I wanted was some cookies.you were away but somehow made my wish come true. U ordered me cookies and had them delivered to me, u asked me what was the one show I could watch over and over. I said dharama and Greg..U bought it for me..Which I know it wasn't easy to find that. U made sure I never wanted for nothing when we wanted a dog the cost was nothing we got a beautiful American bully. I drive 5 hours with 3 kids to pick her up. I loved that dog so much. I trained her and you took the credit for it..I didn't even care.
All the BBQs we had the Apple pies..The love making..The talks about the future, buying a house together...WTF happened??? I was ready. We went on vacation so that u could spend time with ur kids. I stayed at my friends so u could be foucused on just them. I found out u kissed the mother of ur children tjat weekend. I was crushed but willing to forgive u because it was a kiss anyone can get caught up in a moment of time...I know. But instead of talking about it we just fought literally our frist and last fight the next day u rented me a car to go back home. And that was it.
To this day I rack my brain trying to figure out WTF happened..I guess in my heart I know. I was just there to make Kerri Heloise enough to come back to you. Good job. It worked out for u...It didn't for me. U destroyed my heart and my life. U broke up with me over a damn text and left me with literally nothing I hope u and her are fucking misable..But I know that u are not because that is what u wanted. Now I can't love. I can't trust for 2 years I've been with the same guy and I still can't let him fully in and I can't love him the way he deserves. U should have just left me the fuck alone. Real talk. Thanks for fucking me up more then u had to thanks for stealing me and my child's stuff thanks for all the hurt. I saw u the other day by chance..U look like shit..In ur eyes u look sadden...Good. I hope u feel like that all the time. U broke me a little more then I already was.
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