livvey13 (livvey13) wrote in dear_you,

Dear B

Dearest B,

I noticed today that you unfriended me from Facebook. That cut a little deep. With all the miles between us it was the only way that would ever talk again. I had come to terms with never seeing you again, it was hard but necessary. It's not like either of us would cross an ocean just to see an ex.

I understand why you did it. Posting about the new guy was probably a little harsh so soon after we called the engagement quits, but you have to understand I meant no disrespect to you. Long distance is a funny thing and we should have really been done long ago. I loved you, but I needed to be happy and to live my life for myself. In the end it wasn't meant to be.

I know it's childish, and naive but I had hoped we could remain friends. Seven years of two against the world leaves a mark no matter how hard we try to act like it doesn't.
Maybe one day you'll talk again. I know you said that you never want to even speak to me again but I hope you'll change your mind. You're an awesome person, just not the person for me.
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