Jenifer Hernandez (Jenifer Hernandez) wrote in dear_you,
Jenifer Hernandez
Jenifer Hernandez

Love me. Poem for him to hear.

Dear you,

I’m drowning and where are you.

You told me I was beautiful and I crashed my car. You at last told me you loved me and I feared for my life. I feared that when you stopped loving me I would drown. I fell in love with my soulmate and now I’m drowning. I’m drowning god please hear me out. I’m drowning and nobody can save me from the tears of wept from the other girls and the bruises on my back. Nobody can save but him. I’m drowning in my own tears and the ringing in my ear won’t stop screaming that I’m worthless, that I get beat because I deserve it. My own father knew it. How could I believe that any other man even thy soulmate would see me as anything more than a fuck and a girl that deserved to get punched. The bruises and cuts are disappearing and he swears he won’t do it again, and he’s the man I’m in love with how could I not believe him. But, as the bruises turn yellow and the cuts begin to seal It’s brought to my thoughts, they’ve already been seared. Love me please Love me please, I beg to god to bring it into his heart to love me enough not stop leaving me emotional and physical scars. God please let his heart love me.

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