an0c3an1nacup (an0c3an1nacup) wrote in dear_you,

Dear You...

I hate your mixed signals. You flirt at work but won't call or meet me outside of work. Today, I knew I was headed to your building. Part of me wanted to see you. Part of me hoped you worked Monday, so I wouldn't see you. I admit I was hurt you didn't come to my party. But I was trying to look past it. Then, about 1 pm, I came down with this horrible headache. I took some medicine, but it didn't kick it. So by the time you actually got to work, I was feeling miserable.

You were trying to be you--Mr. Personality. Sweet, charming, cute and super flirty. Smiling and saying hi as you had to do some computer work near me. I barely acknowledged you, slightly smiling--partially from the pain, partially because I was holding a grudge. It became obvious that you were upset that I didn't come sit by you at break--I was taking some extra medicine to try to kick the headache. As I was headed out for the evening, I barely had a voice. You made eye contact with me as I past your work station and said, "Bye." I waved, and continued to walk on. My throat had started to get sore in addition to the headache. You never go toward your locker at 7--you usually use the restroom and grab your lunch, as it is your usual time to eat. Instead, you came to the locker area, and stopped to talk to Darin. However, I could tell it was small talk--all eyes were on me. I walked past you and you said, "Bye, Dear." I barely could say "Bye" as I clocked out for the night.

Now, I kinda feel like an ass. I hate feeling like the bad guy. But I know nothing is ever going to come of us. I hate the mixed signals you give.
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