an0c3an1nacup (an0c3an1nacup) wrote in dear_you,

Dear Self:

Welcome to 2017. I know last year was a whirlwind of a year for you. You are much stronger than you realize. Here is a recap of some of the things you achieved last year:

1. You got a new job. And you love it.

2. You went back to college (online) after taking a 16-year hiatus. Not only did you go back to school, you did it at the same time you got a new job and didn't have a set schedule. You did amazing your first semester back.

3. You walked out of a dead-end relationship. It hurt and it took you 5 and a half years to realize it was never going to go anywhere, but you gracefully walked out of that horrible situation.

4. You have made new friends. This year, you need to weave a thicker, tighter connection with those friends.

5. You lost A LOT of weight! You look incredible. Keep up the great work. :)
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