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Dear You,

So I invited you to my New Year's Eve party. I am not sure if you are going to come. My friend said, "He said sounds good but what's your address? We're bad at directions lol" but I am doubting you will show up this evening. Which saddens me, but I'll get over it. I have realized apparently nothing will materialize between us, as you won't persue me. Sure, you flirt when you see me, but I have given you my number a few times and you won't call or try to hang out--despite you saying you would like to hang out sometime.

So, I guess this is how I leave the ball in your court. I am going to try not to think about you or write about you and move on.
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Melancholy madness is not the best street light to ponder under on a dark winters night...i do hope the new year is yours in sand castles and bright buckets and spades.
Take care...
Thank you. I have realized several things in 2016. But it is a new year... :) Anything is possible. Happy New Year to you!
That sucks. What do you like about him, and is there anyone else around you who has those qualities?
It is hard to find people around my age.... prospects of dating people after you hit 35 drastically decreases. Sure, there are other guys in the world, but in my part of the world, in the small town I live in, it is hard to find people who click with you, especially when you don't go out to bars or clubs, and you don't really have time to be actively social. I work 12 hour days and I attend college online. I met this guy at work, and we clicked. He is smart, funny, good looking, sweet, and a bit protective--the entire package. He is a hard worker and a team player. He really reminds me of my dad. He seemed really cool and had told me he wanted to hang out with me earlier in 2016, but he never did. I don't know if he is just shy, (he never comes off as being shy when we're together at work) or afraid of commitment (he is 44), or if there is something else. But, I have decided to just let it go.
That's cool, well it's a good experience just to "hit it off" with someone I think too, even if it doesn't blossom- if I remember correctly. It's been a long time since I hit it off with anyone!