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Dear You

a place for unsent letters

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A place for unsent letters


This is a community to post "Dear ___" letters. If you're not sure of what we mean, check out the community for examples. Everyone is free to join but please read the guidelines before participating!


As a general rule, if it's not an unsent letter, don't post it. The moderators reserve the right to delete any post or ban any user that does not follow the guidelines below, with or without warning.
  • Keep all posts in the "Dear _____" letter format (or some variation of it).
  • Stay away from "Dear Members/Community" posts in general - this includes asking for advice, and encouraging members to check out songs, games, websites, articles, etc. This community is for unsent letters; if you post a letter addressing the community, it becomes a sent letter!
  • Do not post links (LJ tags are okay), advertisements, community promos, surveys, "Add me!" entries, contests, quiz results, refer a link websites, etc.
  • Do not bash other LJ users. This includes writing malicious letters about an LJ user and/or leaving rude/disrespectful comments on an LJ user's post in the community.
  • Moderators reserve the right to remove offensive posts - racist, sexist, derogatory, etc.
  • Place ALL images, videos, and excessively long entries (more than one screen-length) behind an LJ cut.
The community runs on a "neighborhood watch" basis. We are all watching out for each other in order to make the community run as peacefully as possible.


If you have any questions, please check the LJ FAQ first! If you can't find your answer there or if it relates specifically to this community, then please comment on this post instead of posting your question in the community.

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