an0c3an1nacup (an0c3an1nacup) wrote in dear_you,

Dear You,

I feel like I have been a jerk lately. I have seen you twice thus far this year. The first time, I didn't talk to you because I was a bit upset and I was also coming down sick. I didn't want you to get sick. The last time I was there, there was a lot of people there, and I really wasn't feeling too talkative. Being an introvert is hard sometimes.

For the longest time, I took my dog for a walk around 2, knowing I would see you drive down the main road in town on your way to work. I hadn't done it all month last month. Poor Penelope had to go yesterday at 2... I walked her to the park, where I usually take her, and you were driving down the street where I was at. I don't think you saw me--you didn't acknowledge me. But when I saw you, the butterflies were there.

Today, I went Valentine's day shopping, mostly for my niece and nephew. Notice the word "mostly". I bought you a card. I also got you a can of Pringles, Salt and Vinegar, because I notice you like those a lot. And a little box of chocolates. I am not really sure if I am going to give them to you. I want to, but I am so scared. I am so scared of putting myself out there. I am so scared to fall and get hurt. But I think you fear the same thing.

I signed the list to work Saturday. I am not sure if I am working yet or not--they have not called me. If I do work, there is a shot I might not see you at all, as I may only work 8 hours, instead of 12. I am contemplating putting your gifts in your locker Saturday. But I just wish I could sit down and talk to you.
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