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For someone far away

The ocean that separates us is so big I can barely think of it, so different lives we are leading and I'm not there to take care of you. I once read that there's nothing more painful than two souls that are meant to be together and they are separated by things they can't control and this is definitely our case, this world, this so-called system only breaks people, ruins lives, I can't believe I got sent back to my country just because those authorities in your country were just so...harsh is the word? they didn't care for my well being and I believe you are the only one that does so, this is one of the many reasons why I want to spend the rest of my life with you, you gave me a new perspective, understanding, and we grew so close to one another, sometimes I felt annoyed that you overprotected me so much or made me look like a child in front of others but I know you didn't mean it badly, you only care for me. I know I can be annoying at times but I hope we learn to forgive each other as we are humans and we are not perfect. I miss you so strongly.

People think that they are free but they are not really. They live in an illusion... I wish what happened to us never happens to anyone else.

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